If you compare an engine that runs, turns, and stops a vehicle to a heart, the fuel can be compared to the blood. Nifco is providing products with the characteristics of plastics even to this circulatory system.
We understand our responsibilities in this crucial area, and endeavor to create environment-friendly parts to improve the efficiency of a vehicle's circulatory system.

1 Push lifter 2 Filter 3 Inlet check valve 4 Fill limit vent valve 5 Combo valve 6 Capless filler 7 Other

1Push lifter

This product makes it easier to open and close the fuel lid when filling gasoline. The lid can be opened easily by pushing it.


This product is attached to the intake of the pump that sucks up the fuel from the tank to screen out dirt and particles from the fuel. Demands for high performance filters are increasing in recent years as electronic control is deployed for fuel injection systems.

3Inlet check valve

This product is attached to a fuel tank to connect the fuel filler to the fuel tank. The valve prevents fuel spit back during refueling.

4Fill limit vent valve

This product is attached to a fuel tank. It detects full gasoline level with a high degree of accuracy and causes the refueling to stop. To protect the environment, it also carries any vapors generated by the gasoline to the canister.

5Combo valve

This product is attached to a fuel tank. Three valves are integrated into one unit, thereby reducing the number of parts attached to the gasoline tank while greatly reducing the amount of hydrocarbons emitting from the fuel tank.

6Capless filler

This product is attached to a fuel filler. It allows the operator to insert the refueling nozzle directly without the need to open the fuel cap by hand. In the same way as a conventional fuel cap, it prevents fuel leaks and contamination of the fuel tank with foreign objects.


We develop and produce various products related to fuel tanks, including Baffle plates for reducing the noise caused by slopping fuel, Nipples for discharging gas in the tank during refueling, and Lock nuts for fastening pump modules to tanks.