If you compare an engine that runs, turns, and stops a vehicle to a heart, the fuel can be compared to the blood.
Nifco is providing products with fastening technologies even to this circulatory system.
We understand our responsibilities in this crucial area, and endeavor to create environment-friendly parts to improve the efficiency of a vehicle’s circulatory system.

1 Push lifter 2 Filter 3 Valve 4 Baffle plate 5 Nipple 6 Lock nut

1Push lifter

This product makes it easier to open and close the fuel cap when filling gas. The cap can be opened easily by pushing.


This product is attached to the top of the pump that sucks up the fuel from the tank to screen out dirt and particles from the fuel. Demands for high performance filters are increasing in the recent years as electronic control is deployed for fuel injection systems.


This product is attached to fuel tanks to prevent fuel leaks when the vehicle is turning or tumbling. Products preventing overfilling are also available.

4Baffle plate

This product is a silencer plate installed inside the fuel tank to reduce the noise caused by the movement of fuel when the vehicle is turning or decelerating. The product is commonly used in recent years as the hybrid vehicles and engine stop-start systems are becoming popular.


This product is attached on the surface of the resin tanks. The product ejects the air in the tank when filling gasoline. Demands for this product have been increasing to improve environmental performance.

6Lock nut

This product is a resin nut to attach the pump module onto the tank. Nifco's sophisticated technology is utilized to create this important security part to directly attach to the fuel tank.