We have always embraced "Nifco Group's Creed" as our corporate philosophy since foundation to establish a trustworthy organization that delivers safe and reliable products to everyone in the world.

Business Principles

Since the company's founding, we have used the following "Nifco Group's Vision" as basis for the company's business principles with which we hope to convey reliability and peace of mind to the people's of the world and we aim to be a business of which people can have expectations.

Nifco Group's Creed

  1. 1.Nifco Group, through the manufacture of its products, must strive to:
    - secure appropriate returns.
    - make a contribution to society.
    - support our company's further development through its international status as the leader in its field.
  2. 1.We, employees of Nifco Group, must always devote ourselves to:
    - providing our customers with products of the highest quality.
    - providing a stable and appropriate dividend to our shareholders.
    - improving our living standards through our work.
  3. 1.We, employees of Nifco Group, must never cease making our best efforts to:
    - working together as a team, cordially sharing our responsibilities.
    - holding firmly to our beliefs while developing a challenging spirit.
    - developing ourselves while maintaining trust.

With these thoughts as our vision, let us all try to do our best.