What Will Happen in Nifco’s Changing Business Environment?

Nifco’s main products are automobile parts, but the automotive industry is in a period of great upheaval, said to happen every 100 years.
Because of stricter environmental regulations in many countries, the evolution of CASE(Connectied-Autonomous-Shared&Service-Electric) is accelerating at a rate beyond our expectations in all fields but especially in the automotive industry.
Now more than ever, Nifco will embrace these changes as opportunities.
To attain further growth, we will further evolve the strengths we have cultivated so far, such as creativity, quality, and global presence.

What is Nifco's Strategy?

We will continue to concentrate our resources in the development of new products focused on the unchanging themes in the automotive industry of safety, comfort, and the environment.
Nifco’s customers are all over the world, but we believe that demand for products addressing customer concerns about safety, comfort, and the environment will continue to grow regardless of the region.
By launching products with universal value in such markets, we will establish a sales base, foster new business, and achieve stable and continuous growth.

safety, comfort, and the environment.

By replacing metal parts, Nifco’s products have contributed to labor savings and cost reductions in automobile manufacturing.
We have been proposing Nifco’s plastic products, which are light, non-rusting, and easy to handle, as a solution in the automotive industry to reduce weight, and provide greater ease in disassembly of vehicles.
This has resulted in better fuel efficiency, recycling and other improvements, which have greatly contributed to reducing environmental burden.
We are also developing products that comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations for use in the periphery of fuel tanks, for electric vehicles, and for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

What are some actual product examples?

01 Environment

Combo valve

Fill limit vent valve stops refueling. A roll over valve prevents fuel leakage in case of a rollover acccident. This is a multifunctional combo valve that integrates a check valve to adjust the pressure in the fuel tank. Three valves are integrated into one unit, thereby reducing the number of parts attached to the gasoline tank while greatly reducing the amount of hydrocarbons emitting from the fuel tank.

Pressure release valve

This is an emergency internal pressure release valve installed in the EV lithium-ion battery pack. "This is a relief valve that prevents water and foreign objects from entering, which can cause a short circuit. It operates reliabiy in an emergency.

02 Safety

Camera bracket

Front camera is mounted to the windshield using a camera bracket, this plays an important role within the ADAS systems by detecting and recognizing other vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signs, which is key for the ADAS functions, such as automatic emergency breaking, lane departure warning, etc.

03 Comfort

Corner seal

This part is set in the door corner and fills the space between the car body and the glass.

How about outside the automotive industry?

The automotive industry is not the only area facing drastic changes.
With developed countries experiencing declining birthrates and an aging population in contrast to population growth in developing countries, society is changing at a dizzying pace. People’s concerns have also shifted significantly as a result of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
Despite these changes, Nifco will continue to respond to the broad range of needs of customers who are in many different industries all over the world, and develop business in a way that makes the most of our strengths.
For example, Nifco Group is collaborating with other companies and conducting demonstration experiments to develop a business designed to lightly monitor elderly people by embedding shoes and canes with Nifco products equipped with wireless, battery-free sensors.

Also, while interests shift to exercise, sleep, and other aspects of our everyday lives in the COVID-19 pandemic, sales are increasing in sports-related products such as buckles as well as in beds made by Simmons, a Nifco Group company.
Simmons has started collecting old spring mattresses for recycling, because they are nearly 100 percent recyclable.
Nifco’s focus on safety, comfort, and the environment is evident here as well.

What are Nifco’s Goals?

Nifco’s plastic fasteners greatly surprised the industry with their unique rust free, light weight, easy-to-handle features.
Our leading edge innovations have changed the automobile manufacturing process,leading to cars with greater safety, less weight, more comfort and reduced environmental impact.
We are expanding the use of this technology to spark innovations in home life and appliances as well as sports and outdoor equipment.
Nifco will continue to lead the way for a comfortable life and a sustainable society.

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Who are We?
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Who are We?