Toshiyuki Yamamoto

Nifco was founded in 1967 when industrialization was progressing at a remarkable speed in Japan. At the time, there were numerous assembly lines in factories of automobiles and consumer electronics, which were the propelling power of Japanese economic development. Efficiency was of the utmost importance in mass production.

Our company had the foresight to cut the energy, manpower, and costs in these assembly lines, and has continued to develop products that meet users' needs ever since. Small fasteners with the characteristics of light, non-rusting, precision-suitable plastic products, contributed greatly towards cost saving in the automotive and consumer electronics industries and also improved production lines. Products derived from Nifco's ideas caused a "Fastening Revolution" in Japanese industries.

We believe we lead the creation of a completely new industry in Japan by offering solutions to the needs that arose in the course of industrial development. We were listed in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange only 12 years after our establishment, and moved into the First Section in 1984.

With regard to our main business, we are focusing on the development of car parts in fuel systems such as filters, in engine transmission systems, and in electric cars in addition to existing interior and exterior parts such as fasteners, in order to meet the requirements from automotive manufacturers to make vehicles "lighter."

Meanwhile, we continue to create and provide new values in housing and living businesses by developing products that contribute to security, safety, and comfort.
We endeavor to continue our research and development using the enormous potential of plastic, and we aim to expand our business into new areas.

Our global development started in 1983 in Taiwan, and since then, we have established branches in countries in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition to developing countries, we have been reinforcing branches in European areas in the recent years to expand market share. We aim to strengthen the inter-branch networks, enhance the production and development structures, and intensify the manufacturing of products with high added value to prepare for our further globalization. As our globalization continues, we will also strive to develop human resources who are able to participate in global business activities, ensuring that we will maintain our strength to offer our creative ideas. We will specialize in innovative technological development and creation of attractive products to cultivate new markets, and aim to be the world’s best company in the plastic functional parts industry.