Environmental conservation initiatives

Nifco Group devotes itself to activities aimed toward realizing a happier, more convenient and richer society.
As part of these efforts, we promote environmental conservation activities such as energy saving and waste reduction.

Business principles Nifco Group aims to become an excellent global company achieving realization of a richer society by taking care of the global environment and providing customers with products full of creative and delightful functions.
Fundamental environmental policy We realize that conservation of global environment is one of the most important common issues that all human beings face, and we devote ourselves to conservation of environment in all aspects of our business activities.
Nifco endeavors to establish and maintain systems to reduce impacts of our business on the environment in relation to manufacture and sales of resin molded products, electronic parts, packaging materials and other products, as well as of all our business activities in connection with them.
Code of conduct
  1. 1We comply with all laws, regulations and rules in relation to the environment, and strive for environmental conservation.
  2. 2We set our objectives and goals of environmental management, fulfill them, and review those objectives and goals periodically in order to continuously improve our systems and prevent pollution.
  3. 3We make efforts to reduce the amount of plastic material waste generated from resin molding processes and other waste in general.
  4. 4We endeavor to save resources and energy.
  5. 5We give the environment and resource conservation significant consideration when we develop and provide our products.
  6. 6We take measures to raise awareness among all our employees about the conservation of the environment, and take part in social activities as a member of the local community.
  7. 7We document this environmental policy and make it thoroughly known to all our employees so that we can fully implement and maintain the policy. We will disclose the policy in response to requests from outside parties.

Nifco Sustainability Report 2019
(Last updated on 31 10,2019)

Since the foundation of our company, Nifco has always sought to prosper together with our customers by understanding the customer's needs and quickly providing the solutions to them. We currently help establish a harmonious balance with the global environment and society by satisfying various needs of a wide range of customers in domestic and overseas industries, such as automobile, home electric appliances and office automation equipment, housing facilities, sports and fashion, and household articles, thereby addressing on the issues of global warming and energy conservation.