Basic Views

Based on our responsibilities as a publicly traded company, Nifco’s fundamental policy is to disclose corporate information in a timely manner.
We will endeavor to gain the understanding of many shareholders and investors by disclosing Nifco’s corporate philosophy, strategies, business plans, business performance, prospects, and other corporate information to outside parties in a timely manner.

Investor website

We strive to provide the information needed by investors and disclose it on Nifco's website.
Recognizing the importance of the disclosure of corporate information to communicate widely with society, not just shareholders and investors, we also publish shareholder communications on Nifco's website.
We also proactively disclose corporate information such as summaries of the quarterly financial results on Nifco's website.
Upon request, any updates to the website can also be delivered by IR news mail.

General Meeting of Shareholders

The General Meeting of Shareholders is held at a venue in Tokyo’s Minato ward to enable the participation of as many shareholders as possible.
However, to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that has been an issue since 2020, we asked shareholders to exercise their voting rights online and refrain from attending the meeting in person or from mailing their votes.
We have introduced an electronic voting platform by ICJ, Inc. as the best and safest way for institutional investors to exercise their rights to vote.
The Smart Vote system operated by Mizuho Trust & Banking has been introduced so individual investors can also easily and safely exercise their voting rights online by scanning the designated QR code.
For overseas investors, we will post the notice of convocation with the agenda and the notice of resolution in English on Nifco's website.

Investor relations

At Nifco, our chairman, president, CFO, as well as the related departments within administration and management work in partnership and engage in ongoing dialogue with investors.

Main activities (FY2020)

Eligible persons Item No. of times held FY2020 results
Analysts and institutional investors Financial results briefing Twice a year at end of term/end of second quarter In FY2020 due to the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it was difficult to meet in person to hold briefings on the financial results or to have meetings with overseas institutional investors.
Individual meetings were therefore arranged, using online video conferencing. We engaged in dialog with analysts and institutional investors about management strategies aimed at the profitability and growth of our company.
Starting with FY2021, the financial results have been released as videos on YouTube.
Individual meetings Held irregularly (Japan/overseas)
Meetings with overseas institutional investors Held irregularly
Individual investors Briefings Held irregularly (Japan) In FY2019, regular briefings were held six times a year at a branch of a securities company for individual investors and one Investor Relations event was held in the same year. In FY2020, however, it was difficult to hold meetings in person due to the spread of COVID-19.
As an alternative, a briefing was held online in November 2020. Investor information was made available as live streaming or as videos on demand to provide more individual investors with insight to the company’s overview and strategies.
Investor relations events Held irregularly (Japan)
Disclosed information on Nifco's website Financial information (Financial results) Four times a year every quarter Nifco's website has a page where you can view our disclosed materials submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange and our securities reports and quarterly reports submitted to the Financial Services Agency (FSA) for the past five years.
Materials containing business results are available in Japanese and English to ensure the timely disclosure of our financial information.
Disclosures other than the above Held irregularly
Securities report/Quarterly report Four times a year every quarter
Materials for General Meeting of Shareholders: Notice of convocation/resolution Once a year Materials related to the General Meeting of Shareholders, including notices of convocation and resolutions, were also posted on Nifco's website. We made every effort to disclose information to our shareholders in a more timely manner.
Business report/Interim Business report Twice a year (June/November) The business report can also be viewed on Nifco's website to allow investors other than our shareholders to gain insight as to Nifco's financial position.
Corporate governance report Held irregularly To promote an understanding of our governance structure, we post the Corporate Governance Report on Nifco's website. The report is also available in English for overseas investors.