Mid-Term Management Plan (FY2021–FY2024): Nifco Global Growth Strategy

In the three years from FY2021 to FY2023, we will position Nifco to leverage Nifco's strengths and realize changes for the next growth. This is the first step toward achieving our long-term vision for 2030 of becoming a seamlessly growing global company with unique positioning and strong presence.
Under our long-term vision for 2030, we aim to be a unique Tier 1.5 supplier that provides products with universal value to the world based on the following three points: make advanced proposals, outstanding product power, and global management.

Mid-Term Management Plan

Quantitative targets for this term's medium-term management plan

The targets for FY2024 are as follows.

Growth strategy

We will steadily expand sales and strengthen profitability to further solidify the business base of existing businesses.
By investing the funds generated there into businesses for future growth, we will also cultivate new sources of revenue.
To be specific, our focus on safety, comfort, and the environment in the automobile industry remains unchanged, and we will concentrate our resources in the development of new products that are consistent with this strategy.
One of our strengths is that Nifco’s customers are all over the world. We believe that demand for products addressing customer concerns about safety, comfort, and the environment will continue to grow regardless of the region.
By launching products with universal value in such markets, we will establish a sales base and foster new businesses.

Strengthening the governance system

We have strengthened our management base by transitioning to a company with an audit & supervisory committee, increasing the number of outside directors to be more than half the number of directors, and promoting diversity.
In addition, we will innovate the executive compensation system and include operating cash flow, ROIC, and TSR as evaluation items for executives, with the aim of maximizing corporate value.
At overseas subsidiaries, we will increase the speed of management by delegating decision-making authority to local staff.

ESG management

In the automotive industry, Nifco’s products have contributed to the reduced weight, lessened air resistance, and greater ease in disassembly of vehicles.
This has resulted in better fuel efficiency, recycling and other improvements, which have greatly contributed to reducing environmental burden.
We believe it is important for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) management that the business model itself to be environmentally friendly.
At manufacturing sites, we are actively reducing energy in production processes and promoting the adoption of renewable natural energies and we are also striving to reduce material waste and be thoroughgoing in our recycling.

The cash flow generated from these various activities will be used to strengthen the corporate structure to make it stronger, to invest in growth to create more added value, and to return profits to shareholders, all in a balanced manner for all stakeholders.

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