Fundamental policy

We want to be a valuable presence for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, local communities, and everyone who uses our products.
Upon entering its 51st year of business since its founding in 2018, Nifco formulated the following corporate philosophy.


Nifco generates ideas and cultivates technology to turn your expectations into excitement.


Driving change with growing inventiveness


ーThis is Nifcoー

Be proactive and break through

Communicate and collaborate

Challenge and innovate

Under this corporate philosophy, we will keep on pursuing innovative business development in an aim toward becoming a company that meets the expectations of stakeholders and continues to be trusted widely by society.
We will also ensure strict compliance with laws and regulations and implement appropriate risk management measures so as to act flexibly according to the ever-changing socio-economic environment.

In FY 2021, we started our mid-term management plan, Nifco Global Growth Strategy.
With the target year set for FY2023, we aim to achieve net sales of 310 billion yen (up 21% from FY2020), operating profit of 38 billion yen (up 37% from FY2020), and an operating profit ratio of 12.3% (up 1.5 percentage points from FY2020).
As the external environment surrounding Nifco continues to change at a dizzying pace, now more than ever, we will embrace these changes as opportunities.
Going forward, we will aim for further growth by evolving the strengths we have cultivated up to now, focusing on safety, comfort and the environment, and proposing products that leverage the unique qualities of resin and offer universal value to customers around the world.


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