We have created a glossary of terms to help you understand some of the terms we use at Nifco.



An acronym for advanced driving assistance system.
ADAS applications include automatic emergency braking and sudden acceleration suppression.
Nifco's products are widely used in this field.


This product, which includes side release buckles and cord locks, are used in clothing, backpacks, and shoes.
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This product helps achieve smooth motion without the use of electricity or other power source.
Nifco's dampers are used in automobile cup holders and assist grips as well as in household equipment, consumer electronics, and office automation equipment.
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At Nifco, products that are used on the outside of vehicles are called exterior products.


Nifco's fasteners are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.
Nifco was founded in 1967 for the purpose of manufacturing and selling industrial plastic fasteners.
Switching from metal to resin-based products in the automotive sector has contributed significantly to improving productivity, reducing costs, and reducing the weight of vehicles.
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For plastic fasteners

see the fastener section.

Fuel Tank System

Nifco's products are also used around the fuel tanks of vehicles with mainly gasoline and diesel engines.
We develop products such as filters, various valves, and capless fillers with safety, comfort and the environment in mind.
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G-NNP is an abbreviation for Global New Nifco Production.
At the G-NNP convention held every year, improvement activities at Nifco's production sites around the world are presented, with awards given to sites that have performed outstanding activities.
By sharing examples of improvements at bases around the world, we aim to further improve the quality and production efficiency of Nifco products as a whole.



At Nifco, products that are used on the inside of vehicles are called interior products.
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Nifco's products are also used for motorcycles.
Nifco’s wide variety of products provide support for the legs of riders worldwide so they can go farther.
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Nippon Industry Fastener Inc. (renamed to Nifco Inc. in December 1970)
In 1970, the company name was changed to NIFCO, an acronym for Nippon Industrial Fastener Corporation.

Nifco Group Technology Conference

Nifco holds a global technology conference every year. At this conference, representatives from Japan and overseas give presentations on the latest technologies, and awards are given to recognize the most outstanding technologies. The conference also serves as a place for engineers to exchange information.


Abbreviation for the Nifco technology development center.
The head office, explosion-proof building, laboratory building, and NTEC are located adjacent to each other in the head office area of Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture.



A general term used to describe the components of a vehicle which generate power and propel the vehicle forward. It is also called a drive unit.
Specifically, it refers to components including the engine, transmission, propeller shaft, differential gear, and drive shaft.
Nifco's products are widely used in this area.
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PT product

Abbreviation for Pass Through products. Generally refers to Nifco products exported from Nifco in Japan to overseas subsidiaries.
This expression is also used for Nifco products manufactured by subsidiaries that are imported and exported between overseas subsidiaries.


The luxurious bed manufacturer “Simmons” is a Nifco’s group company.
Please refer to "Group company."


Abbreviation for Speed Lace System.
No-tie shoelaces that do not unravel or loosen.
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Nifco has been providing innovative products that solve customers' difficulties and meet their challenges in various places such as automobiles, home life & appliances, sports & outdoor.
The corporate slogan "WOWING THE WORLD" incorporates our strong desire to amaze and excite the world.



This is Nifco's securities code number.
Nifco is listed on the Prime section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.