We have redefined the Nifco Group's corporate philosophy into words that are easier to understand and convey, while valuing the founder's philosophy in March 2024.

Nifco Group Philosophy

Nifco's philosophy system consists of the company's Purpose/Mission/Values and the individual's My Purpose. 'Purpose':  Sparking Innovation by fasteing small insights with Techology for a better world. 'Mission': Generate excitement as a creative company. 'Values': Overcoming Challenges, Continuous Breakthroughts, Open Commuication, Innovative Collaboration.

"My Purpose" that appears here is the overlap between the values that each employee values in life (view of life) and the Nifco Group's Purpose and is the starting point for everything.
Our hope is that this "My Purpose" corresponds to Values, and that we aim to become the kind of individuals and organizations that realize our Purpose while fulfilling our corporate mission.
From now on, we will be required to transform into an “autonomous” organization where each employee acts in accordance with his or her own values (view of life).
We will now implement measures to promote this corporate philosophy.