Corporate Logo

In April 2018, celebrating 51 years since the founding of Nifco, we redesigned our corporate logo, which symbolizes our identity.

Previous corporate logo

New corporate logo

The letters in Nifco’s name tilt to the right to represent speed and growth, and the orange square in the center evokes a bright, dynamic future.
The F in the center represents Fastener, First, Flexibility, and the Future as well as our determination to further evolve in these four areas.
This new corporate logo expresses the future of Nifco, a company that is always ahead of its time and constantly growing.

Corporate Slogan

The corporate slogan was decided in 2018.


This phrase summerizes the Nifco promise to our stakeholders.
Nifco has been providing innovative products that solve customers' difficulties and meet their challenges in various places such as automobiles, home life& appliances, sports&outdoor.
The corporate slogan "WOWING THE WORLD" incorporates our strong desire to amaze and excite the world.