Nifco has always offered its highly functional products to consumer electronics and office automation industries with considerations to the users.
Nifco fully concentrates its unique creativity and technological abilities to evolve continuously and meet the needs of modern society.
Plastic fasteners and other Nifco products have been quietly supporting the rapid growth of consumer electronics.
Nifco continues to develop high-level products such as those giving a luxurious feel, improving operability, and adding sensory qualities to composite products by using a damper to absorb the shock.



This product greatly contributes towards adding a luxurious feel, improving safety and operability, absorbing shock, and reducing noise for office automation devices, audiovisual devices, and other devices.

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2Free-stop hinge

This product holds the operation panel or monitor of operation automation devices at any angle. Its housing is a molded product, so design flexibility is one of its characteristics.

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3Push latch

This product enables push-open operations in audiovisual devices and other devices. This eliminates the handle on the door to improve the design.

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4One way clutch

This product contributes towards absorbing speed differences between adjacent rollers used to feed paper in printers and enables paper to be removed when the printer is jammed.

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