Nifco Inc. (Headquarters: Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref., President: Masaharu Shibao (hereinafter, Nifco)) have commercialized and started mass production of the "Multi-Holder", which can be conveniently used in various situations, not just as a table in the back seat of a car.

This product was developed jointly with Toyota Motor Corporation.
In the back seat of a car, when it is open, it can be used as a table to place small items and, when closed, it can be used multifunctionally, as a umbrellas or walking stick holder, as an assist grip, or as a jacket hanger.

This Multi-Holder is a genuine optional item for the Toyota Motor Corporation Crown Crossover and contributes to the realization of a comfortable interior space.

<Product Characteristics>

  • Realized a structure that considers rigidity and hazards for collision safety (prevention of scattering of sharp fragments, etc.), utilizing Nifco's unique analysis technology.  * Patent pending

  • A soft pad used on the table surface to achieve both a non-slip function and a smooth texture

  • A magnet used to fix the holder when closed, achieving both simple and luxurious design and functionality.

  • Unique fastening technology having the strength to withstand the weight when used as an assist grip, at the same time suppressing the impact to the seat frame by unlocking the hinge when an excessive load or impact received on the table surface. 

Nifco will continue to sincerely address customer issues and contribute to the realization of various products that lead to a better environment, safety and comfort in order to realize our purpose of ‘Sparking innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better world’.

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