Nifco Inc. (Headquarters: Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Pref., President: Masaharu Shibao (hereinafter, Nifco)) Nifco's "Recycled Nylon Series Cord-Lock" was selected as a Selection in the Accessories category at the ISPO TEXTRENDS Award Fall/Winter 2024/25, one of the world's largest sports exhibition, ISPO.

  • Overview of Award-Winning Products

Recycled Nylon Series Cord-Lock(Mono material - Rec. PA6 cord lock)
Recycled Nylon Series・・・This series of buckles, including cord locks and cord adjusters made of molded recycled nylon, is mainly for apparel applications. These buckles are made from materials collected and pelletized by recycling companies from losses generated in the nylon fabric (textile) manufacturing process.

  • Reason for Award

In recent years, many sports apparel brands have been conducting R&D to create new supply chains that collect products from consumers and sell recycled products in order to realize a recycling-oriented society (circular economy). One of the challenges in recycling used products is sorting and disassembly. The Recycled Nylon Series cord locks streamline this process and facilitate the recycling of apparel products.
For example, if the cord locks of windbreakers were made of the same material as the fabric, nylon, it would reduce the work involved in recycling. In the past, most cord locks used metal springs for cord retention, so the development of a product without metal springs was necessary to achieve this. However, nylon resin springs hadve weak resilience and were unstable.
Therefore, instead of relying solely on the resilience of the plastic spring, by devising the shape of the hole, the frictional force at the time of locking was increased making it possible to hold the cord without using a metal spring. (Patent pending)

  • About ISPO

It is one of the world's largest sporting goods exhibitions with a history of about 50 years since it was first held in 1970.
In 2020, there will be approximately 2,500 exhibitors and over 80,000 visitors from more than 150 countries. Held annually for four days in Munich, Germany, the exhibition is currently considered the most watched sports exhibition in the world due to its influence.

  • About ISPO TEXTRENDS Award

Twice a year, the ISPO TEXTRENDS awards innovative fabrics and components used in the manufacture of sports apparel. Participants submit their most innovative products, which are then judged by a jury of international experts.
ISPO TEXTRENDS is divided into 11 categories, including the Accessories category, which selects the Best Product, Top Five, and Selection, respectively.

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