The Fastening technologies that Nifco has nurtured since its foundation are most apparent in the exterior of vehicles.
Nifco's evolution continues every day with its innovation based on the knowhow developed throughout its history.

1 Clip 2 Clamp 3 Fender seal 4 Bumper retainer 5 Screw grommet 6 Glass holder 7 Hole Plug 8 Cushion rubber 9 Shock absorber


Among the numerous Nifco products, the variety of clips is particularly extensive. They are used in various ways to connect one thing to another.


This product aligns and holds in place pipes and hoses. Like with clips, this product features a wide variety. It is used in wide-ranging areas, from the engine room to interior.

3Fender seal

This product covers joints of glasses, fenders, and cowl louvers. The product improves the appearance and aerodynamic performance, thus contributing towards the vehicles' marketability.

4Bumper retainer

This product fastens the bumper cover to the body while maintaining the even gap between them. Although this product is not visible from outside, it is an essential part for vehicles.

5Screw grommet

This product simplifies the task that formerly had to be carried out from both the front and reverse sides using bolts and nuts, so as to be done from only one side. It is one of the production efficiency improvement items in which Nifco takes great pride.

6Glass holder

This product connects the glass on the door and the regulator unit. It is designed to fasten tightly and the size of the product is strictly controlled.

7Hole Plug

This product plugs holes on the body. The product is soundproof, odor-proof, and waterproof to ensure the quiet environment inside of the vehicle.

8Cushion rubber

This product prevents interference with the body when closing the hood or trunk. Nifco utilizes soft resin to reduce the cost of the vehicle.

9Shock absorber

This product absorbs shock from the side collision to protect the people in the vehicle. Nifco utilizes resin to reduce the weight of the vehicle.