Nifco's technologies are also applied in the heart of a vehicle, the engine.
Nifco's accurate analysis based on various assessment and experiment results, innovative design to shape the outcome, and quality-assured mass production system enable the stable supply of high quality parts.

1 Engine oil separator 2 Turbo duct 3 Quick connector 4 Breather box 5 Oil control valve filter 6 Cooling pipe 7 Strainer

1Engine oil separator

This product is a gas-liquid separator which separates blow-by gas into oil mist and uncombusted gas. Oil mist returns to engine and uncombusted gas returns to re-combustion line.By preventing the release of uncombusted gas into the atmosphere, this product reduces both a vehicle's environmental impact and oil consumption.

2Turbo duct

This product is a duct for conveying air compressed by the turbo charger to the intercooler. The product is designed to withstand long-term operation in high-temperature and high-pressure environments. One of the features is that a quick connector is integrated into the product to reduce the person-hours required for assembly.

3Quick connector

This product allows the operator to fit both a cooling pipe and a blow-by gas pipe in a single operation. The product contributes to a reduction in the person-hours required to connect pipes.

4Breather box

This product maintains a constant pressure inside a differential gear box or a transmission case, which would otherwise fluctuate due to temperature changes, while simultaneously preventing oil spillage and water contamination.

5Oil control valve filter

This product is used in the hydraulic circuit of a valve-timing mechanism, and thus indirectly contributes to an increase in a vehicle's power output and fuel efficiency, while suppressing exhaust gas emissions.

6Cooling pipe

This product, being made of resin, contributes to a significant weight reduction, in contrast to conventional engine cooling pipes produced using steel and aluminum. Costs can be reduced by integrating the features of peripheral parts.


This product removes foreign objects contained in engine oil and thus contributes to the long-term operation of an engine.