ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), which provide assistance and support to car drivers, have become indispensable to improving both safety and the quality of driving. Our products are widely used in this field.

Car-mounted camera peripheral parts 1 Camera bracket 2 Camera cover 3 Corner radar bracket 4 Clearance sonar retainer 5 Front millimeter-wave radar bracket

Car-mounted camera peripheral parts

1Camera bracket

The high-sensitivity camera located in the upper part of the interior side of the windshield is responsible for safe driving because it detects obstacles. The camera bracket is a product for fastening this camera.
Nifco's products include those that are equipped with a heater at the rear to add a feature to prevent windshield fogging due to the temperature difference from the outside air.

2Camera cover

This product is a cover for the high-sensitivity camera mounted in the upper part of the interior side of the windshield. It is textured to fit in with the interior of the vehicle by emboss processing etc. while providing the camera with a high degree of protection.

3Corner radar bracket

Vehicles traveling in an adjacent lane that happen to be near the rear side of a driver's vehicle can often be in the driver's blind spot.
A blind spot intervention (BSI) system can detect vehicles in the blind spot and prevent collisions. This product is used to mount the system's radar sensors on the bumper cover of a vehicle.

4Clearance sonar retainer

This product is used to mount the sensor, which is used to measure the distance to an approaching vehicle or obstacle, on a bumper cover. The product is subject to stringent dimensional management and thus itself can act as part of the sensor.

5Front millimeter-wave radar bracket

Millimeter-wave radar, whereby radio waves are used to detect obstacles and prevent accidents, is indispensable to self-driving technologies. This product is used to attach the radar sensors. Being made of resin, it has a suitable degree of hardness to resist deformation, but is designed to break in a collision to absorb the impact and lessen injuries to pedestrians. It is lighter and less expensive than existing products in which metal parts are used.