Nifco Group Human Rights Policy

  1. Basic Concept

    Nifco* will contribute to the realization of a sustainable society. As part of these efforts, Nifco places importance on attaining a society in which human rights are respected and, to this end, has established the Nifco Group Human Rights Policy.Nifco will actively support and respect the International Bill of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, andpromote initiatives pertaining to human rights.

    In addition, we will ensure we are in compliance withlaws and regulations applicable in the countries and regions where we conduct our business activities. In cases where conflicts arise between the laws and regulations of each country or region and international norms, we will pursue a path that maximizes respect for internationally recognized human rights.Nifco prohibits discrimination on the basis ofnationality, race, age, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity, disability, ethnicity, religion, ideology, creed, or any other grounds, prohibits harassment, and prohibits human rights violations. We do not tolerate slavery, forced or compulsory labor, including any form of human trafficking, or child labor. We will eliminate discrimination in employment and occupation, and respect freedomofassociation and the right to collective bargaining. *Nifco: All companies across the Nifco Group.

    *Nifco: All companies across Nifco Group

  2. Scope of Applicaton

    Nifco will apply this policy throughout all ofits business locationsand require that all employees both understand and comply with this policy. Nifco will also encourageallofits business partners to support the Policy, and together with them, will promote activities to fulfill its responsibilities relating to human rights.

  3. Corrections and remedies

    In cases where it becomes clear that Nifco's business activities have caused a negative impact on human rights, Nifco will strive to correct and remedy the situation through dialogue and appropriate procedures in accordance with international standards. Nifco will also establish an internal hotlinefor reporting concerns about its business activities and continue with its development of a system for responding to such reports.

  4. Education and guidance for employees

    Nifco will provide appropriate education and training to employees to ensure that this policy is understood and effectively implemented in order to prevent or reduce human rights risks throughout our business activities.