Basic Approach

Our approach is to provide society with environmentally friendly products through activities and innovations aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. Through these efforts, we contribute to a sustainable society and our growth.

Our objectives

  • Rationalization of energy use (reduction of loss and waste)

  • Promotion of the use of renewable energy

  • Development of environmentally friendly products

Our CO2 emissions

From the perspective of global environmental conservation, Nifco and its domestic Group companies monitor and disclose the amount of CO2 emissions (Scope 1 and Scope 2) from their business activities.

Rationalization of energy use (loss and waste reduction)

In the “Business Classification Evaluation System,” which is based on the periodic report of the “Act on the Rational Use of Energy” in FY2022, we were evaluated as an excellent energy-saving business (S class) for the eight consecutive year. In the next fiscal year, the evaluation method will be revised, and the introduction of renewable energy and improvement of usage efficiency will also be subject to evaluation. Nifco will continue its efforts to reduce energy consumption by increasing the efficiency of its total energy use.

Promotion of the use of renewable energy

Installation of solar power generators

We are promoting the installation of solar power generators to create renewable energy.

Offsetting with FIT non-fossil certicates

We procured FIT Non-Fossil Certificates for Scope 2, which certify the environmental value of non-fossil power sources, such as renewable energy. This procurement allows us to offset the CO2 emissions of the electricity we use. In FY2021, we effectively reduced CO2 emissions by 263 tons* out of 18,699.62 tons of CO2 emissions.

  • *

    The latest correction rate as of July 2023

Developing new products with consideration for the global environment

We are working to reduce CO2 emissions and solve environmental problems such as air pollution by providing lightweight material high-performance resin products.
We believe that ensuring these efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent air pollution is one step toward our sustainable growth. By continuing to provide cleantech opportunities aimed at responding to environmental changes and improving environmental sustainability, we aim to ensure a sustainable environment for future generations.


Opportunities in Clean Tech

Contribution to the Environment

Product Name

Function Overview

【Fuel Economy】
Involvement in development or distributing advanced materials

Replacing metal parts with high-performance resins reduces both weight and safety, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions.

Energy absorber

・Impact-absorbing parts that reduce damage to vehicles and passengers and enhance safety in the event of a vehicle collision.
・This product uses advanced materials made from engineering plastics with high toughness.

【Fuel Economy】
Improved fuel economy by reducing vehicle weight

Lighter vehicle body contributes to improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions

ABS actuator bracket

The metal bracket of the ABS actuator has been converted to resin for the first time in Japan, resulting in a weight reduction of approximately 60% while maintaining heat resistance and vibration durability.

【Fuel Economy】
Improved fuel economy due to improved driving performance of the vehicle body

Improved vehicle running performance (reduced aerodynamic drag) contributes to improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions

Front spat

Aerodynamic drag is reduced by channeling wind from the front of the vehicle under the vehicle floor and toward the tires.

Ducted Air

・Aerodynamic drag on the bumper is reduced by allowing wind from the front of the vehicle to enter the bumper.
・Improved aerodynamic performance by preventing vortex flow in the wheel arches by discharging intake air through the wheel arches.


【Alternative Fuels】
Involvement in developing or distributing fuel cells/ hydrogen systems

Contributing to the prevention of air pollution and reduction of CO2 emissions as a component (powertrain) of FCVs capable of long-distance zero-emission driving

* FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) is a vehicle that runs on electricity produced by a fuel cell installed in the vehicle and powered by a motor.

This component is used in the path of hydrogen, air, water discharged after power generation, and cooling water to cool the FC stack. In addition, a Nifco filter is used in the gas path to keep foreign matter out of the FC stack.

Involvement in developing or distributing LED


・Contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions: 50% or more reduction in electricity consumption compared to light bulbs
・No toxic substances: No environmental impact because inert gases are not used as in light bulbs

Dynamic Lighting Illumination

LED illumination inside the vehicle with the ability to visually present information on various situations to passengers


【Reuse and recycling】
Initiatives for apparel products using sustainable materials

Use of recycled materials made from textiles collected and discarded at sewing factories limits reliance on virgin materials and reduces CO2 emissions

Cord Lock/Cord Hook

Functional parts for apparel wear made from recycled materials


Efficient environmental management

Efficient environmental management is possible by utilizing the data measured under the environment where the sensor is installed.

Multi sensor (three-company cooperative project)
Cooperative project of Nifco, NTT East, and Marubeni Information Systems

Self-powered sensor eliminates the need for power supply from an outlet or batteries.
Functions: Temperature, humidity, illuminance, acceleration (3 axes), contact detection*, NFC (Near Field Communication)
* Contact detection = function to detect the proximity of a magnet (used in door open/close detection)

Direction of new product development

Nifco will continue to concentrate its development resources in the fields of the “environment, safety and comfort,” which are constant market trends.
By introducing products of universal value to various markets, Nifco will strive to build a business with stable and continuous growth, and it will continue to provide environmentally friendly products to realize our Purpose, “Sparking Innovation by fastening small insights with technology for a better world.”