Waste Initiatives

In order to contribute to a circular society, we believe it is important to do the following: 1) reduce waste generation, 2) establish recycling methods for resources, and 3) dispose of waste appropriately.
By working on these, we aim to reduce resource consumption and contribute to the realization of a society with a reduced burden on the environment.

Our objectives

We will implement the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to reduce waste and contribute to the realization of a circular society, where resources are used effectively and repeatedly.
We will tackle the problem of marine plastic litter from the perspective of the 3Rs through beach cleanup activities and other activities that we can do in our own neighborhoods. We will also work to reduce waste generated through our business activities in order to realize a circular society.

Resource conservation and effective use of waste

We believe that we can work more effectively to reduce our environmental impact by considering resource conservation and promoting it as an improvement activity that is basically linked to our business activities. For example, at the manufacturing stage, we are working to reduce solidified plastic waste generated during purging and at the development and design stages, which are upstream of these activities. We also have a business plan to develop environmentally friendly products and make proposals to customers. In order to promote the reduction of environmental impacts not only within our own company but throughout our supply chain, we also request cooperation from our suppliers and strive to reduce waste emissions and promote recycling by checking the status of their initiatives and providing them with support.

Resource conservation initiatives

We have started checking the disposal of waste plastics at each site.

  • We conducted internal audits and pointed out areas for improvement.

  • We have started considering developing products using recycled materials (material recycling).

Water Resource Initiatives

Effective Use of Water Resources and Prevention of Pollution

We monitor the amount of water used in our business activities and work to conserve water and prevent wastewater pollution.
Cooling water is mainly used in air conditioners, molding machines, and some thermostatic chambers.
We strive to reduce the amount of water used by improving the efficiency of production processes and using rainwater while complying with effluent standards to ensure that public water bodies are not adversely affected.

Collecting and using rainwater

Nifco Head Office and Nifco Technology Development Centre (NTEC)

After primary storage of rainwater in an underground cistern, it is filtered and disinfected before being used as toilet flushing water. Since rainwater can fulfill this role well, this initiative has reduced consumption of the water supply, leading to water savings of about 20%.

Rainwater filtration system at NTEC