Nifco Group Environmental Policy

  1. Basic Policy

    Nifco* recognizes that environmental conservation is one of the most important issues for realizing a sustainable society and is committed to biodiversity and global environmental conservation throughout its value chain, including business activities and products. 

    *Nifco: All companies belonging to the Nifco Group

  2. Action Guidelines

    • We will share this environmental policy with all employees in order to implement and maintain it. We will also present this policy to our suppliers and ask for their cooperation in protecting the environment.

    • We will comply with environmental laws, ordinances, agreements, etc.

    • We will establish and implement environmental targets to the extent technically and economically feasible, review them periodically, and strive to continuously improve our environmental management system and prevent environmental pollution.

    • We will promote energy conservation and resource recycling and strive to prevent global warming and realize a recycling-oriented society.

    • We will strive to reduce all waste generated in our business activities.

    • We will thoroughly manage chemical substances contained in products.

    • We will promote the development of clean and comfortable products that are environmentally friendly and strive to reduce environmental impact.

    • We will promote environmental awareness among all employees and strive to participate in and support environmental conservation activities.

    • We will disclose information on our environmental preservation activities as appropriate and communicate with society.