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  • Nifco's history
    Nifco was founded in 1967 in order to manufacture and sell industrial plastic fasteners.
    The present name of the company, NIFCO, was taken from the initial letters of the original name of the company which was Nippon Industrial Fastener Corp.
    Plastic FastenerIn 1972, Nifco entered into technology transfer agreements with America's Big Three, GM, Chrysler, and Ford. After this Nifco's products came to be used in many automobiles as the Japanese automobile industry flourished and the advantages of plastic fasteners in reducing the costs and energy needs of industrial production processes came to be recognized.
    At present, the company holds the top share of sales of plastic fasteners to the Japanese automobile industry.
    DamperSince its founding, Nifco has consistently offered solutions to its customers' problems and has operated a "proposal style" of business. For example, in the case of the automobile industry, plastic fasteners have contributed to energy and cost savings on production lines. Cup-holders or coin boxes in cars which use small-sized dampers to control the motion when opened or closed create a feeling of quality. Nifco has developed very creative products.
    Nifco's products find applications in diverse areas, ranging across automobiles, home electric appliances, office automation products, fashion and sporting goods. Including sales of the high quality bed manufacturer, Simmons, the total annual revenue of Nifco Group exceeds \225 billion.
    Buckle Cup Holder
    Nifco's products are brimming over with ideas
    Plastic possesses the advantages of being rustproof, light and easy to form, and Nifco makes full use of these strong points when it develops products which use various ideas in order to add value and superior functionality.
    For example, there is plastic fastener which can fixed with a single push without the need for any kind of tool; by reducing the number of man-hours required in production lines and its lightness, it has the merit of ligthening the operator's burden.
    In addition, Nifco has developed unique, functional plastic components such as the world's first small-sized dampers, the push-push latch which spread the concept of push-opening around the world, and products used in gasoline tanks which are in line with environmental regulations.
    Nifco is working to develop yet more products and to give added value to our customers across many varied fields of business.
    Nifco is advancing throughout the world
    Together with the move of Japanese manufacturers overseas, Nifco also established its first overseas foothold in Taiwan in 1983.
    Nifco now operates in 17 countries throughout the globe in North America, Asia, and Europe. Nifco will take its customers'moves into consideration as it further expands its manufacturing operations, including those in Japan.
    Group companies
    the high-class bedIn addition to those domestic and overseas companies related with the plastic component business, Nifco Group also consists of distinctive companies such as the high-class bed manufacturer, Simmons; the English-language newspaper, The Japan Times; and the electronics company, Nifco Advanced Technology.

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